Qudrix—your personal office space that meets all needs. In one place.

Whatever your ‘to do’ is,

Qudrix is the perfect space for it

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you need to know your Qudrix better

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Starts from $29,999

qudrix base set includes solid basement, aluminium full-frame and few options of walls and windows.

Small and big

3x3 and 4x4 yd sizes. Fits easily even when there is not much space in the yard.

5 year warranty

Quality materials and reliable assembly are backed by a strong warranty agreement.

Legally easy

Qudrix does not need to be registered and no additional permits needed. So it’s easy to order & to set up.

Assembly help

we help to choose an assembly team. Our 500+ US-wide professionals can assemble your qudrix, while you focus on what matters.

Full assembly
in just 3* months

Plus some time for shipping.


All-inclusive setup

you can easily choose the option that is right just for you.

Sustainable and safe

The materials and components used in the production have passed all the necessary checks by US EPA.

Feel free to adapt and customize

Qudrix does not need to be registered and no additional permits needed. So it’s easy to order & to set up.

Highly customizable

Over 12 combinations for your Qudrix.

Long lasting

Thick aluminum frame, European details and fittings, plus the possibility to replace any module just in case you change your mind in a year or two.

all systems assembled in one

the place for air conditioner or heating could be included for your needs

So let’s customize

Go customize

We know how important for you to deal with specs easily

Decide what needs to be improved


walls, windows, doors & floor


Rotary louver solutions allow you to control the amount of light and air circulation

Maximize your control over the environment with our innovative rotary louver solutions. Effortlessly adjust the flow of light and air circulation to meet your every need. Experience greater comfort and convenience with our state-of-the-art technology.

Decide for yourself where the windows and walls should be

Of all the decisions you'll make for your space, few are as impactful as determining the placement of windows and walls. Take control of your design and let your imagination run wild as you choose the perfect layout for your needs.

If you have the option of shade, having a sunny side is a wonderful thing to have

Having a sunny side can be an incredible asset, especially if you have the option of shade. Don't miss out on the opportunity to enjoy the best of both worlds.

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defines comfort inside



cutting-edge architectural and technological feature. This innovative roofing system is designed to intelligently adapt to changing circumstances.


Floor-to-celling windows

flooding the space with natural light, creating an open and inviting atmosphere inside the cube.



samsung LED lighting solutions offer cutting-edge technology and energy efficiency, providing brilliant illumination.


Durable thick aluminium frame

Built to last, your qudrix’s feature is a sturdy, thick aluminium frame for lasting durability and strength. So, the qudrix is resistant to cold and HOT climate.

we do care about all your wishes for additional options

because Technology defines comfort when you don't understand how you got along without it.

let’s look on the
order steps

Getting your
Qudrix is quick
and simple

A few minutes


the base or custom Qudrix

Explore options to see all the customization possibilities and give us a call.

A few more minutes


Talk to our manager

Speak all your questions with 
our specialist, deal with any specific points or custom 

up to just 
3 months


Wait for production and installation

The manager will schedule production dates, and help select a proven team of assemblers.

Then, Our associates assembly professionals will expertly assemble your cube.

for a long-long time


Enjoy your

Take care of your to-do's and leave cube's maintenance on us. But if one of your tasks becomes to change a wall for a window — drop us a notice.

5-year Warranty Agreement

we believe you will


Return for

a new one

Explore options to see all the customization possibilities and give us a call.

Qudrix is compatible
with business workspaces

we have individual discounts and conditions for corporate clients.

Please fill a short request so our manager can contact you ASAP.

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People behind
the creation

To get the maximum result, we all try to combine work, study, hobbies and leisure. And we can't do any of it well. But in fact, it is the focus on a specific activity that gives us the maximum result. An hour of effective work easily replaces three hours of distracted work. That’s why we created Qudrix.

Konstantin Yakimenko

Founder & CEO

We asked
Qudrix owners...

what's your impression?

Emily Carte

Emily Carte
I couldn't be happier with my decision to choose the Qudrix cube. The design and quality exceeded my expectations, and the whole process was seamless. The Qudrix team was incredibly responsive, guiding me through every step.

Real Estate Broker

Los Angeles, California


When it comes to a free-standing office, most people think of some office shed or DIY office space. But this is not an option for me, since I believe that the quality of my work directly depends on the space where I work. The technical and aesthetic side of Qudrix makes it way ahead of other office solutions.


Salem, Oregon


I've been in the construction industry for years, and the Qudrix technology has been a game-changer. Their prefabricated components and advanced assembly methods cut down on construction time significantly, without compromising on quality. These cubes are a testament to modern construction ingenuity.

Innovacs Inc., CTO

Los Angeles, California

Jessica Patel

 Jessica Patel
Setting up my new office space with this cubes was a breeze. The flexibility to add and rearrange components as my business evolves is fantastic.

Liveness INC., Founder

Los Angeles, California

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